Sales At Oak Tree Currently Paused

Supply Chain Delays, Slow Down Construction

New House Construction

It is no secret that there is currently a very high demand for houses and that there is not enough supply. Builders, like Pulte, are working as hard as they can to meet the demand but the demand is outpacing construction.

Part of the problem has been supply chain issues. According to Jeremy Needelman, General Sales Manager for Pulte for, Southeast Florida, supply chain issues have been a major challenge. “Lumber shortages definitely get the headlines, but, homebuilders nationally are experiencing supply-chain challenges in almost all areas. Steel, Concrete, Drywall…you name it…”. These delays have slowed down the process for completing the homes whose construction has already begun. 

Sales on Pause

The delay has been apparent for months as the delivery of several homes has been delayed. The delays coupled with the overwhelming demand led Pulte to momentarily pause sales. 

As one of the country’s largest builders, Pulte is committed to delivering a quality project. Needelman relates : “PulteGroup is staying laser-focused on our commitment to quality“. The first family to move into Oak Tree affirmed the same. In an interview they shared with me that they were extremely happy with the quality of the house they received. 

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Houses Will Come To Those Who Are Waiting

Young couple kissing and taking selfie in new house.

Moving into a new house is exciting, so many people are eager to acquire a new house. Those that have already acquired one at Oak Tree are eager to move in. The delays have only heightened the anticipation to move. A little more patience than usual is required but houses will come to those that are waiting and the opportunity to buy will come to those that are waiting to buy. The wait will be well worth the outcome according to Needelman who shares the following words of wisdom : 

What To Do If You Want to Buy at Oak Tree

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If you are interested in new construction you can go directly to the sales center and put your name on a waiting list.  However, the salespeople too are overwhelmed by the high volume of demand. When new homesites become available they have 1000s of people to call. By the time they get to you, those lots may be gone. So I asked Needelman “What tips he would you give to new construction homebuyers? ” . His reply was, “Only one….Call Desiree Avila!!!“.

His advice is not unfounded because I have a direct line with the salespeople at Oak Tree and other developments and this directly benefits my clients. When homesites become available they advise me right away so that I can interface with my clients and facilitate the transaction more quickly. What this ultimately means for the new construction buyer is that the chances of getting a new homes are much better than those who are not represented by a Realtor® like myself.

So if you are interested in buying at Oak Tree or any other new development in South Florida, call me and let’s talk about how I can help you secure the home of your dreams.

Search For Your New Construction Home

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